Members of the 2014 jury

Sylvain EstibalSylvain Estibal (AFP)

Sylvain Estibal, Photo editor in chief of AFP Europe-Africa since 2012. He formerly was photo editor for the South American region (2007-1012). Esitbal is also an established film director having won the Best First Film César "French film award" in 2012, for When Pigs Have Wings. He is also a writer, author of several novels and stories. "The Last Flight of Lancaster" (Actes Sud) was screenplayed for cinema in 2009 with Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet.


Jean-Pierre VrignaudJean-Pierre Vrignaud (National Geographic)

Jean-Pierre Vrignaud, journalist and a graduate in Chinese civilizations languages. He began his career in daily newspapers such as Ouest-France and Libération, before joining the magazine sector. He became deputy editor of Max Magazine, then worked for Science et Avenir, Quo, 60 Millions de Consommateurs, L'entreprise en Solo, Courrier Cadres, and Paris-Match.

In 2004, he joined Prisma Media and Ca m’intéresse as head of culture department.
In 2010, he participated in the creation of the magazine Ca m’intéresse Histoire. Jean-Pierre Vrignaud is now editor in chief of National Geographic France and continues to provide editorial direction of Ca m’intéresse Histoire.

Dimitri BeckDimitri Beck (Polka magazine)

Dimitri Beck is editor in chief of Polka Magazine since 2008. As a founder of Polka (magazine, gallery, iPad and web) alongside the Genestar family, he is also involved in its development. He regularly participates in photos juries and teaches photojournalism and also a speaker in conferences. From September 2004 to the end of 2006, he headed the Aina agency Photo in Afghanistan and Les nouvelles de Kaboul, an illustrated magazine news in French and English, with collaboration of Afghan and international professionals.

In 2004, Dimitri was editor in chief of photo agency Reza, Webistan. From 1998 to 2004, he has produced reports in Central Asia and the Caucasus as an independent journalist. His reports were published in the French and international press.


Jassim Al AwadhiJassim Al Awadhi (Fujairah Culture and Media Authority)    

Jassim Al Awadhi, a member of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Development of the United Arab Emirates, began his studies in 1985 in the United States and achieved a Master of Arts specializing in photography in the United Kingdom. After several jobs in photo industry (Head of Service photo Laboratory of the scientific police, speaker etc..) Jassim began teaching photography at the University of Sharjah in the UAE. Jassim has also organized several photo contests and exhibitions in the heart of Dubai and has received several awards in events such as the Appreciation of Photography Award of the UAE or the 20th UAE Fine Society Golden Trophy. Jassim is an iconic figure and a reference in the art of photography in the United Arab Emirates.


Gaël TurineGaël Turine (Vu' Agency)   

Gaël Turine is the author of several monographic works, including Blindly, in the Photo Poche collection, a story on the cooperatives for the blind in West Africa. In 2004, after his many journeys in Afghanistan, the book Being 20 in Kabul was published. long-running work with the child cancer specialist Eric Sariban let to the publication in 2009 of the book Today is tomorrow with Delpire Editions. In 2005, he started to work on voodoo rituals and took his final photographs in August 2010. The book Voodoo was published in January 2011. He also has contributed to numerous anthologies. His work is exhibited in galleries and museums, and during festivals. It is published in the international press, and has also won awards. He has worked with various international NGOs. He has benefited from bursaries in Europe and in the United States. Gaël Turine is a member of the VU Agency in Paris